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[Will I?] Wilson smiled at Volca as he was envelpoed in the Flamethrower. The flames stung, but Wilson's body fat made the heat a little easier for him to tolerate. The Swinub knew what he was supposed to do next, he could figure it out just as if he were reading Maxwell's thoughts. His trainer didn't even need to issue the command. Suddenly a loud growl was heard from within the flames, soundwaves heading straight for Volca shot out and extinguished the by now relatively weak flames. It was the move Roar... Wilson just stood on the ground, he was sweating, panting and his fur was blackened and pointed in almost all directions. But the Swinub was still smiling, and so was his trainer.

In the meantime, Slackey had peeked his head out relatively sleepy, all the ruckus had surprisingly managed to wake him up. However, his eyes grew big at the sight of Pala. Oh. My. Arceus. It was the cutest little baby he had ever seen! (And trust me, Slackey had seen some cute babies in his days.) The cute face, her little black nose, the snot hanging from said nose... She was just sooo adoreable! Slackey crawled out of Maxwell's hood and landed on the ground with a thud, he started to move quickly towards Pala, but he was stopped just as quickly by Quillie.
[Oh no, where do you think you're going?] he asked and placed himself on top of Slackey,
[I'm going to that baby!] the sloth-pokemon answered.
[Oh yeah? That seems kinda creepy, just going up to the baby and snuggle it.] Quillie teased,
[Shut up, it's what I always do!] Slackey responded.
[Well not this time you ain't!] Quillie smiled and fell asleep on the Slakoth.
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