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    Penance Malum

    When Vigil had instructed the rest of them to start getting supplies Penance had almost gone down the room when he realized he needed something to at least pack his supplies in. It took only a short while of him digging through the rubble until he spotted the top of a knapsack poking through the top of the rubble. Grinning the golduck had eagerly pulled on it and unearthed the corpse of a sandslash still wearing the pack. He had killed ancients in the war, but nothing prepared Penance for this. It was a corpse, but the connotation was so different than looking down at a dead ancient. Taking in a deep shaky breath, Penance looked away as he concentrated his power and disentangled the knapsack off the body.

    With his new bag in tow the golduck went down into the room and grabbed five water bottles and three cans of food and stuffed them into the small pack. The pack itself had two straps to fit his arms through and it fit snugly enough on his back without him needing to tighten the straps. The next task he set about was helping Vigil with the wounded, although the best he could do was moving those too injured to move to Vigil. Though they had done their best some of the soldiers still needed to be carried by their comrades.

    "Brothers, now, we set out!" he heard Vigil shout out. Grabbing his pack Penance followed behind Sword and Shield as the group headed out into the plain. They didn't encounter any trouble through the area but they did meet some civilians who wanted to aid their cause. While they were allowed to heal some of the wounds their allies had Vigil didn't allow them to accompany them on their quest, Penance had a feeling that the scene back at Liberty Town would no doubt make all of them think twice of putting any more civilians under their protection.

    As they moved through the fields everything started getting wetter and more moist, which suited Penance just fine! He hadn't seen a body of water in so long that he was anxious to come upon a lake or river at least. Soon enough they were out of the plains and in what Vigil had called a rainforest. The only time he had been out of the city was when he had found refuge back at Liberty Town. He had rarely been outside of the city before his Gold Tribe days and even then he had only seen the coast. When he caught sight of the tall trees Penance couldn't help but whistle.

    "Those are huge." He murmured in awe.