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before I get a 3rd closed thread in a day:
Help and Assistance
You may create threads in the Beginner's Lounge looking for assistance in starting a new project and related topics as long as it does not break any general rules of the Game Development section, or of PokeCommunity at large. Be sure to check the Help threads linked to in the Important Threads For Beginner's thread to see if your question or request would better belong somewhere else first, though.

Be sure to check the Rules of other sections before posting as well.
That was in the rules.

Anyways I'm looking for people that can help me
Create Pokemon
Create Graphics (Maps, or other stuff that's not pokemon)

anyways, Post or PM me for a job.

Job fill out

Email: (I don't use email much but...)
Job: (listed above or anything else you find)
Experience: (just as long as you can make the stuff acceptable it's fine)