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    (RMXP) Pokémon Gem Stone.


    Welcometo beautiful region of Carthon. You and Grandmother live in the smallest andpoorest town in all of Cathon, Crater Village. Your Father Lives in the next city over, AstroTown and is also the regions Pokemon Professor. But all is not Peaceful in Carthon, A once underground Pokemonorganization has finally showed its face as none other than Team Hurricane.Little did they know that another Team with a stronger power anyone has ever seen. This team is called TeamEarthquake and they have the ability to control the Weather. The other Teamsacross the world will want to destroy the two powerful teams. “I’m afraid this has only just begun andsoon the world will forever more be at war.” The first Pokemon World Warhas just begun and it’s up to you to stop them.


    New region.
    All other regions Accessible.
    The First Pokémon World War.
    New Evil Teams that go across the Pokémon World.
    Plot doesn’t stop after one region.
    Poke Overlook, a mysterious mountain in the middle of theocean that transports you to any region.
    The Realm of Legends, The Middle Dimension where alllegendary Pokémon stay.






    CNG for kit

    khkramer for tilesets

    Pocill for making all this possible.

    Nintendo for Pokémon.
    Spartan ID

    My new pokemon rp

    Join if you like a challenge.
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