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(My phone decided to eat my post so I'm only writing a short one to replace it.)

Valorie Ryder

Valorie watched as Isaac gave what /looked/ like a stern lecture to Raizer. She couldn't understand Raizer's response and presumably neither could Isaac. Meanwhile Dragonite just sort of seemed mildly perturbed by the ghost illusion. She didn't have anythig to fear from /actual/ ghosts so why fake ones? Meanwhile Snype said funny words she didn't understand, which perked her interest momentarily. Valorie watched as N moved over to Raizer. What was he doing? He then proceeded to ask Raizer what had happened. Valorie couldn't help but frown. She found it difficult to respect N's way of going about things, perhaps out of prejudice. Valorie turned her attention down to Mark, giving him a look that almost seemed to be asking for something. Perhaps she wanted to move on? She hadn't recieved her jacket from N yet though! Not that she could carry it, or that she knew it was hers.

Olivia Wolf

Olivia walked back out with what looked like gauze bandages wrapped around the palms of her hands. Presumably they had been used because they were more flexible and thus more appropriate for a place such as the hands. Her knees just had fresh bandages though. Stretching her arms in the air Olivia proceeded over to a waiting Kenshin with a smile on her face. She was amused he had waited. After all, he could've been hanging out with friends or training or something else. It wasn't his responsibility any liner to stick with her and yet there he was.

"Not hagglin' for a battle are you?"

She said, teasing him a bit by implying he only wanted to battle. She of course had become more aware than ever about how he actually felt.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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