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    So this is my 2nd Official post, the first one was deleted since it was in Pokemon Generls (my bad).

    This Is How It Goes:

    While I learn how to hack pokemon games (willing to accept anyones help) I thought about making this Wrote Style game where you decide what the character does and all that stuff.

    If you are willing to play then...

    Include the answers of this on your post:

    Your Name Is...
    You Are A...(Boy Or Girl)
    Your Rivals Name Is...
    Your Starter Is...(Can be from Gen I to III)
    Your Hometown Is? (Can be from Kanto, Johto or Hoeen, even from a hack of yours or just invented, if it is that way youll have to tell me as much as you can from it so I get familiarized with it)

    Hope to get a positive answer this time...
    Oh, and I will also like to have your oppinion of something. Should this be a comical Fan Fiction or some Super Serious Fan Fiction?

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