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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    Wrong place - this is the section for posting stories, not for asking for sign ups.

    I'll move this to the writer's lounge subsection, but I'll also mention that if you want to write a fic this isn't the best way to go about it. (And if you want people to write the parts themselves/their own characters, check out the RPG (Role Playing Game) section). You won't get as good a feel of the character if someone gives it to you as one you create yourself, generally. As for the style... again, that really should be up to you. What style of writing do you want to write?
    Sigh...wrong place again.
    Sorry for putting it wrong again, for me its quite confusing where to put every post, so alright, let me see if I can see the thread (cuz I dont know how) and try on the RPG section, still, thanks for orientating (If thats even a word) me, and youre right, it wont feel as good if just wait until the game plays itself as if I was playing a game alone, perhaps, maybe I shouldn´t even try to submit it again, but, if I did, I would do a Comedy FanFic, as its sort of boring watching the ¨Welcome to the world of Pokemon¨ over and over again.

    Again Thanks for that.

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