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    Not alot going on here! Don't understand why the screenshots are on a different website... Alot of people say their games story can change the story through events and the story will never be the same, but it is alot of work, do you think you can live up to that?

    I looked at your screenshots and, a mix of styles there, I too had a mix of styles, but have seen the light and is best when you don't mix, choose a style and stick to that... Try making a few edits to some tiles to give your game a uniqueness.

    Story/Plot... This is neither, you have a little information about the story being changed at the beggining, like, 3 times, you've given some info on the starter Pokémon... I'm one of the more, nicer, subtle people in this community... So basically, this is me saying to you, revise some more, look at what your going to do or what you want this game to achieve... Keep this updated as much as possible!

    Good Luck!
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