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    Everything had been a haze from the moment that Hanso had moved the others from the torturehouse entrance. He had hardly noticed that his body was picked up and carried, nor had he registered any words spoken afterwards. The Gallade's mind was a cloud of exhaustion and pain. Mostly exhaustion, though there was a dull, painful ache in his right leg. Hanso was in this state as the others arrived at the ruins that had been Liberty Town.

    Hanso gradually awakened, though, as the others searched for survivors. He groaned softly as he opened his eyes. He could dimly sense excitement from the soldiers and Gold Tribe fighters. Hanso's mind was cluttered until he remembered what had happened: the jailbreak, the fight, the escape. The Gallade pushed himself out of General Hazone's grasp to fall to the ground, then raised his head to look at the surroundings. Ruins greeted his eyes, all around them. "What..." Hanso shook his head, then looked up again when he realized that a sheet of paper was being passed around. Once it was passed to him, he read the note:

    Gold Tribe, by the time you read this, the Silver Tribe will have already taken Liberty Town. I'm alright. Quite a bit of us managed to escape. Myself and the others who did escape decided on something. If you manage to free General Hazone and the other Gold Tribe members, and if you manage to return here, then it is time. I have sent scouts to all corners of the Alpha Alliance with a simple message: it is time. We have idly watched as our nation succumbed to the tyrannical rule of the Silver Tribe, but no more. With you Gold Tribe at our helm, we of the Alpha Alliance will gather up all of our soldiers in hiding, and regroup. This news will spread like wildfire. With more Gold Tribe members with you now, hope returns. Meet us in one weeks time at the ruins of Poseida Village. From there, we shall gather our full strength, and make our first counter attack. See you on the fields of battle.

    General Belas

    Liberty Town? There had been a town here? With one of the Generals and other survivors of the Silver Tribe's attacks? Brynn could be with them, Hanso thought, hope rising within him.

    Hanso continued to sit on the ground, gently massaging his aching leg, for the next few minutes. Soon, Zane called, "All those hurt come here! We'll treat you before we leave!" The Gallade pushed himself up, gritting his teeth as he stood on both legs, to limp over to the Bisharp and Golduck for treatment. For his part, much of the treatment was directed at Hanso's previously tortured leg. In time, Hanso was able to remain standing without too much pain, though his limp remained. He then set about to obtain a satchel full of food and water-containers. He wasn't going to let himself slip by without helping.

    Hanso was ready by the time Zane called, "Brothers, now, we set out!" He was one of the last few to set off, hanging back with several of the Alpha Alliance soldiers. On the field, the Buneary and Lopunny were able to help with wounds, though their offers of services were refused. They're not part of this war, Hanso thought to himself.

    Hanso was able to keep up with the group, though he still hung back. "I should've grabbed a staff or somethin'," he muttered to himself, wondering how long he would have the limp. Hopefully, he could find one along this journey. It wasn't too long before Hanso beheld the tall trees of the rainforest.

    "Perfect place to find a walking stick of some sort," Hanso said, a grin spreading on his face.