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Really like the story idea. It really intrigues me. However, I do have to give some constructive criticism. You really need more of a plot rather than a idea of what would happen in this game would be better. I just really want to know. Also, if your including 5/6 regions in this game and aslo creating multiple branching plot lines, it is defiantly gonna be a ton of work! If you think you can handle this, fine. Just a warning. Just a question: would there be new pokemon for the new region?

The screenshots are OK, but a few word of advice. On the 2nd, the chimney and house have different shadow angles (not very important). Also, In the 3rd, the sand/walkway is realy bland. Spice it up a bit (OK now I sound weird ;P).

Besides the absence of a story, I really like where this seems to be headed. Keep this updated!
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