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Originally Posted by Blubber300
Hey look, Advance Map has a twin brother!
Well, not really lol

Originally Posted by NintendoBoyDX
Hey ZDG, if you wanted to make it better than amap is currently, I have a suggestion for you. Adding the ability to edit new map names in firered.

Jambo details exactly how to do it here:

This would save countless repointing and inserting for people later on, imo you should at least consider it.
I'll look into it after I get most of the features done and working. Thanks for that information though, seems like I missed quite a bit ever since I was away. Need to catch up now.

Originally Posted by Team Fail
That. Is a simply GENIUS idea. I would use this over AMap if this was implemented. But I'd use this far more when the ability to add new maps is implemented someday.
hehe Let's see how all these turns out.

Originally Posted by Winter Wonderland
What would be cool(although I'm not entirely sure if it's possible) is the ability to load multiple tile sets. Not just a major and minor.

Also, the map connections in Advance map 1.92 was annoying to deal with. In 1.95, it was simplified a bit. I was wondering if you could turn it into a drag and drop system. For example, have the initial map on a grid interface, then add a connection to the north. Type in the map header and whatever to load up the map you want to be connected. From there you can just click and drag the map to where you want the two maps to be connected. Does that make sense?
For the first part, Darthatron already answered you. I'll see what I can do for the connections.. Hmm.

Anyway, so I've did some more work.. Borders can be resized in Fire Red & Leaf Green now Since only those 2 versions support larger borders. Here's a screenie.