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1) The rules are pretty cool, read them, kay?
Punishable by: Haunted for the rest of your life.

2) All PC rules still apply. (Rules) These rules are pretty cool too
Punishable by: Good luck dealing with the higher ups.

3) All discussion of the Pokémon anime goes into the Pokemon TV Show and Movies section.
Punishable by: A moved thread, and 3 infraction points (SPAM) on multiple occasions [as in when you just don't get the point]

4) Don’t make threads to specifically bash series/dubs.
(Dubs vs. Subs is not necessarily bashing)
This also doesn't mean you can bash a series away if there's a thread of it.
Remember, debate isn't bashing. If you're going to say something bad about a series, support it.
Punishable by: 3 infraction points (SPAM)

5) Currently airing anime should get their own threads*
Series that are currently airing, but have been running for longer than one year can be discussed in the J-E discussion thread, but it is encouraged to make threads for them anyways.
Punishable by: Not really a rule, more a recommendation

6) Spoilers should be spoiler tagged.
Spoilers are generally in the lines of a few days within the latest release or major plot spoilers/twists.
(This is a suggestion, not a rule, because not many people are thrilled about spoilers, if people start complaining, you'll get nailed)
Punishable by: Eaten by a youkai.

7) Don't revive any old topics(Revival Rule)
Don't recreate topics that aren't out of revival time. (One month)*
Threads of series that are currently airing, except series that have been running for longer than 1 year, are exempt to this rule.
Punishable by: 2 Infraction Points (Revival)

8) Double posting (and any other # of crazy post amounts above one) is prohibited.
Use the edit button if you want to add something to your post. Double posts from merges do not count.
Punishable by: a Warning, or 3 points (Double Posting) depending on how badly you did this.

9) Obey the character limit, and try to actually add something to the discussion at hand.
Although this is more of a recommendation, if you're mass spamming, then it'll be grounds to warn you
Punishable by: 2 Infraction Points (Character Limit)

10) No posting download links, full Youtube episodes, and other such streaming sites, and other anime downloadables.
This includes the posting of a "Hey, this (illegal) download site has just released these episodes" or something like that.
Yes, Manga Scans count. No, legal streams don't count.
This is mostly because Dub companies, and recently, Japanese companies are also getting REALLY picky about their stuff
Punishable by: 4 Infraction Points (Illegal Material)

Punishable by: InstaPermaban

* Do your research. Remember, What You're watching =/= Currently Airing

If you have questions, or wish to ask if a thread you want to make is allowed, feel free to ask me.

P.S. Also, please don't make threads that can be closed after 1-2 responses. The J-E Question Thread exists for a reason.