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Seeing as I'm supposed to be giving this emblem out, but don't actually know most of you, I'm going to go ahead and give you guys a chance to earn this emblem for yourselves.

Min. Requirements: 3 months w/ Post per day > 1.00 (exceptions may apply)

You are to send a PM to me with the following information:
1. Why you want/deserve/are worthy of the Grand Otaku emblem.
2. Source of the Grand Otaku emblem's picture. "I Don't Know" is still a valid answer.
Note: This is the emblem:
3. MAL (MyAnimeList) Profile (if applicable). Looking for a general selection of anime genres, preferably with some/a nice chunk of series outside the mainstream.
4. Any other things that could help your position on my decision.

Note that #1 is the most important category of this and all other steps are to help your position on that matter. #3 will have a pretty large impact as well, especially on the choices you have and scores you give.

I reserve the right to shoot down any application without reasoning on why.
I reserve the right to not respond to questioning of my reasoning to giving out/denying the emblems.
I reserve the right to further question any applicants.

If I know you relatively well, and I already know you have a nice chunk of anime knowledge, PM me and I'll tell you whether or not I actually need you to fill out this form.

Also, qualifications are subject to change at any time without warning and most likely will change within these first week or so.