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    Does anyone know how to edit the font in Pokemon Emerald? That or happen to know the offsets so I can do it in Fonted? I don't know if there are any new programs that can do this, but Fonted doesn't have the offset for the graphics, or the width of the letters, and wont open the ROM without those.

    If I knew how to find it, I'd try to find it myself, but it seems Fonted only has the info to edit Ruby, and I don't believe any of the fonts in any of the games are uncompressed.

    Basically, what I'm wanting to do is take the Super Mario World approach (like how it had specific tiles to fit YELLOW SWITCH PALACE for that levels name) and edit some unused "letters" and make words like Electr and Psychc complete words without ruining the formatting of the text box. Possibly a few other things, but that's all I'm wanting to do at the moment, it's not a major concern, I can live without doing it, but it'd be nice to do.
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