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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
If you're happy to blindly follow along with whatever your government decides for you because "they know better", then that's between you and your government. But again, you've missed the point. Even if they do know better (and I completely disagree with the notion that a government knows better than its populace simply by virtue of being a government), it's still not their concern. These are our bodies and our minds with which to do whatever we please and they have no business whatsoever making laws that tell us any differently than that.

Sexual pleasure or gratification is a bodily function that we should have access to from the moment we desire it. If both parties consent to this, then it is not for the government as a third party to tell us that we are not allowed to use our own bodily functions, and any attempts to do so are nothing more than a restriction of the liberty which they so proudly claim to support.

The role of governments should be to make laws that prevent people from harming others against their will, and nothing more. What we do with our bodies and at what age we do it is our business exclusively.
But how can you decide who can and can't consent to having sex if not by a third party and/or some outside set of standards? Unless you believe that everyone, regardless of whatever, can consent. I don't believe a 10 year old can consent. They may understand what sex is, but they're still maturing mentally (as in their brain is still not finished developing), physically, and socially. That's why we need something to prevent people from doing harm to one another or to themselves by accident.