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    Pala blinked at the sight of the Quilava sleeping on a Slakoth. "Did dat guy forget about the battle?" she asked Skye, who shrugged. He didn't even glance up as Volca was forcibly returned. He had seen the strategy coming. Volca was a formidable opponent. It'd be natural to want to get rid of it. And it could send out Rama, weakening him before his battle with Quillie. However... Rama was uncaught. So it wouldn't work. Instead... Skye smirked a little as Ellie burst out of the Pokeball, yowling as the rocks hit her. She grinned as she landed.

    "That was almost good strategy," the Espeon chirped happily, shaking herself. The attack had hurt but unless this guy had a bug, he was screwed. "But it would have been better if I had attacked you first instead of Volca. I may be weakened but..." She bolted towards him, tail gaining a silver sheen. "I'm not that weak!" She leapt and slammed the Iron Tail down toward the Swinub.

    "Are you sure she's evolved?" Rama snickered. Skye sighed a bit.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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