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    So I have a question I've been wondering. I looked this all up on Bulbapedia, but I want to confirm I'm correct. I'm currently doing an Ultimate Solo Challenge with Weedle, and I'm soon going to start Emerald. Weedle cannot be caught at the start of Emerald like he can in Gen 1/2. Since I don't have a way to hack Emerald, the only ways I can get Weedle at the start of the game are by trading one, or using an emulator (I would very much like to avoid using an emulator for this, I play the game a lot away from home). But, if I trade I have to use an egg since I don't want it to gain traded experience. I think I have a way to trade between games that will bypass the trade restrictions.

    Does this idea work:

    Get the National Pokedex on LeafGreen.
    Acquire the Ruby and the Sapphire on LeafGreen, to unlock the Network Machine.
    Breed to make a Weedle egg on LeafGreen.
    Trade the egg to a Colosseum file where the player has defeated Evice.
    From there, trade the egg to a brand-new file on Emerald.