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Name: Roxas Takahashi


Gender: Male

Personality: Roxas is a very nice & friendly kid. He is always quick to think, but takes things to seriously, making it that he has no sense of humor. He is usually the brains of a problem, & can always find a way past it. He may not look like it, but he is a great genius. It's easy for him to catch on on something the others don't know, making him similar to a secret diary. One thing about him though is that he falls for girls easily, & commits to making that girl his. He isn't afraid to show his feelings, plus adding he is never embarressed. Although he won't journey with that girl if his adventure leads to somewhere else.

Despite all this, Roxas's feelings can be hurt easily if he is made fun of. If in a sad state, he will hide somewhere where no one could find him to be left alone. It takes little time to recover however. When in a battle, his feeling are locked & nothing can hurt his feelings. He is very loud when battling, but still concerns for his Pokemon's safety. Yet he never will hate a person, he will ignore someone who has done something he loathes.

Appearance: Roxas's hair color is of emerald, his back hair reaching down his neck. His hair from front is short but gets a bit longer as it goes back. Technically it's smooth. He has sky blue eyes & light tan skin. Roxas wears a black shirt. The short sleeves are white, the main color for his shirt is black of course, & a white stripe on the front that stretches from left to right in a V shape.

Roxas has a belt equipped with slots to hold his Pokeballs. He wears silver-colored pants that only have back pockets. Lastly he wears white sneakers for fun. Oh, & he keeps reading glasses in backpack inside a small case just in case.

History: Roxas's life was a very busy one, living in Castelia City. The school here was just right for him, so he was lucky. His parents were always busy & never had time to spend with him. His dad works in the economy, while his mother works at the cafe. Life never ends as you will always hear chatter around the city.

One time, Roxas got lost in the big city of Castelia City & a bunch of people were walking back n' forth everywhere. He was getting bumped everywhere not knowing where to go or what to do. He managed to get out & into the quiet street all the way to the left. This is where he found the Castelia Gym. He went inside & found a bunch of Gym trainers, & then someone came up to him. He introduced himself as the Bug-type Gym Leader, Burgh. Apparently Burgh heard from Roxas, who was telling what happened, that he got lost in the big city, getting bumped around without consent. Burgh felt bad for Roxas. Then he asked if he had a Pokemon. Roxas tilted his head asking this one question. "What's a Pokemon?" This surprised Burgh a bit, so he took one of his bug Pokemon, a Dwebble. Roxas was amazed by it, wanting to pet it, which he did. He found it so cute he wanted a Pokemon of his own. He was still young, Burgh said, so he had to wait a little longer.

Roxas was taken back home & his parents & they were grateful to Burgh. Throughout the years Roxas has been learning more about Pokemon & spent a lot more time with his parents since the incident. At 12 Roxas learned about all the towns & cities he didn't know, especially Nuvema Town. He wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer, & his parents knew it too. They let him have permission to go now, offering to take him to Nuvema. Roxas couldn't wait to start his new adventure!

Starter Pokemon:

Gender: Male
Level: 5
Ability: Shell Armor
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip

Legendary Pokemon:

Gender: None
Level: ???
Ability: ???
Moves: ???


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