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    Originally Posted by 1158 View Post
    So,this is your newest hack,Cutlerine?I played your Pokemon Snakewood and I really like it!I think this hack will be better than Snakewood Version,I believe that this hack will be very great!
    I think it will be better, too. Snakewood was really just someone who didn't know what they were doing rambling incoherently about zombies and lunacy for a while. I now know what I'm doing, and sure enough, there are no bugs. Yet. Hopefully.

    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    The idea of Five different storyline completely appeals to me, particularly because we can form a part of a bad organization, that's awesome.
    I wonder if this game will be as good as Snakewood version, if it will be as much crazy ! Anyway I hope.
    It probably won't be quite as crazy, because I have to plan most of the story out in advance - a lot of the lunacy of Snakewood came from the fact that I made it up as I went along. However, I'll do my best to retain the mad, amoral spirit. In fact, I've already started improvising; there now appears to be an invasion of a certain species of carnivorous ambulatory plant on Duchamp Trail that definitely isn't in any of my plot outlines.

    Originally Posted by DonMoosavi View Post
    This hack is among the most epic in scale I've seen... In fact, had you announced this before Snakewood with this as your first hack, I would have been skeptical that anyone could pull this off, or would have the mental fortitude to finish.

    However, after seeing your storytelling abilities in Snakewood, and the fact that you already have a (mostly) finished hack under your belt, I am confident that you will be able create and finish what I anticipate to be an absolute masterpiece.

    I love the idea of using Pokemon Game Mechanics to create a 100% original story. You did the same with snakewood, I feel that this will exceed it in every way (Except...there are no Zombies. OH WELL.)

    I really am more of a storyteller than anything else, so any game I (try to) make will basically end up being a story. And these five stories, though perhaps not 100% original - I think the last truly original idea was used in 1884 - are certainly fairly typical of me: weird, a bit dark and hopefully quite funny.

    As for the zombies, well... I can't do them, I'm afraid. I just hope cops, mobsters, roadies, rollerblading graffiti artists, triffids, mad scientists, lobsters, clowns, hippies, holograms, and terrifyingly angry sparrows can compensate in some small measure.

    Actually, while we're on the topic of game mechanics, I just implemented something that kind of switches the game to hard mode, if such a thing could be said. I have a name for that game mode, too, but I'm not revealing it yet.

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    This hack sounds really good, I already expected that comeing from you though xD
    Good luck with this hack and look forward to playing it
    Thanks, Tcoppy. I don't know when you can expect a release, but I'm working on it.

    Originally Posted by Aurasan View Post
    leafgreen? seriously? why not platinum? or HG/SS? or something with a tileset that will make this hack stand out... EG not base it on a rom series that overdone. Heck I'd take another hack of ruby.. even crystal! Love Snakewood though, really wish you'd put the work you're putting into this into finishing up that. Glitches really aren't hard to fix when you're the person behind the game.. if something is glitched wither fix it or delete it, snakewood has too much "you're not alone" in the later part. It's a feature that attracted myself and many others in the start of the game.. but by town 2 you just.. idk, don't care as much. Also the survivor camps would be better if you left them, got another badge or marker passed, came back and everyone was dead.
    Platinum? Seriously? Why not LeafGreen?

    I admit that ROM hacking is a world in which you need a fancy tileset to stand out. But when that becomes the sole reason to play... who would want to play? I choose satisfying gameplay and story over graphics every time. (Dinosaurs also help. If Mr. Big Game Designer is reading this, I'd like to ask him to put more dinosaurs in everything. Doesn't matter where, let's just have more.*) I made a point about the importance of story with Snakewood by choosing a ROM base that many people think is ugly. I'm making another one now by choosing one that many think is overused. Same point, different method of expression.

    As for Snakewood... someone very kindly aided me on that front, and I hope to soon be able to add a fully fixed version to the Snakewood thread. Details will be posted in the relevant thread as soon as they become available.

    Also, I'm going to flat-out deny the possibility of there being any changes to Snakewood's story at all. The fact that you're less alone later than at the start really isn't the biggest problem with it - that honour goes to the fact that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The second-biggest problem is that it completely changes direction after Meteor Falls, becoming entirely about some unspecified prophecy and Senex instead of being about the apocalypse. And you know what? I like it that way.

    *Also, teach voice actors to pronounce their names correctly. I refuse to accept ParasauroLOphus as legitimate, whatever the scientific community say.

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