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    Maxwell looked at Ellie rushing towards Wilson ready to attack. He recognized the move as one she had used against Katam, then it was a bit too quick to depict what it was, but now, he saw that it was Iron Tail. Well, Skye knew his pokemon alright. Maxwell smiled,
    "Endure!" he said.

    Wilson saw Ellie coming towards him,
    [Almost good? You're quite a picky lady aren't you?] the Swinub smiled as Maxwell's command reached his ear. Wilson focused all his remaining power into one point of his body, sure the attack was pretty new to him. Heck, he just learned it yesterday, but it wasn't too hard to perform it at all. As Ellie came closer, Wilson spoke again,
    [I see that you're powerful. However, it seems that you are looking down on us...] Wilson paused as the Iron Tail slammed into his forehead, veins violently pulsating appeared and sweat drops started to run down Wilson's fur. He opened his eyes wide, which was VERY rare for an average Swinub, and looked at Ellie with a furious gaze as he continued,
    [And I ask you to stop it since... It is really getting on my NERVES!!!] with an agitated howl, the Swinub pushed the Espeon's tail into her and flung her a bit across the battlefield.

    [Phew, I'm beat...] Wilson's breath was heavy, his fur blackened and sweaty and with smaller scrapes over his body.
    "You've done good Wilson, now one more Roar please!" Maxwell exclaimed happily, Wilson nodded and sucked in plenty of air. He then released it towards Ellie in the form of a furious howl. Now Roar WAS a move with opposite priority, but Wilson didn't care, he still kept his eyes wide-open and locked onto Ellie.

    Slackey saw Pala look over to him and Quillie with a questioning look. The Slakoth's face turned into a "Aaaaaaaaaawwww..."-expression, that baby was sooo cute when she looked questioned. He tried to wiggle his way out of Quillie's grip, if you could call it a grip, AT ALL. This woke the Quilava up as he sleeped very lightly, with a soft chuckle he relaxed even more and thus increased the weight on the Slakoth. Man, being evolved and being bigger sure felt good... Quillie tried to imagine how the feeling of being fully evolved would be, he smiled and stared lazily into the clouds.
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