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    Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

    This beautiful region includes snow covered cities, desert routes, mysterious warp zones, and a secret dream world.
    The catch is, only Pokémon live here! There is a contest going on for the name of this region. PM me region names and if you win, you will be the first person to test the Pikachu Version.[CENTER


    Hylia is a region guarded by the gods of old, with the legendary Pokémon keeping the world in balance. Then, the mythical Arceus has gone from protecting the world, to destroying it. No Pokémon are noticing the destruction of the world around them.

    Exploration Teams

    Due to the destruction of the world, more Pokémon are washing up on beaches, claiming to be humans. The Hylia region is run on exploration teams, from the world-famous Exploration Training Facility to the eight Exploration Gyms.

    Mystery Dungeons

    The world's turmoil has glitched up many caves, turning them into challenging Mystery Dungeons. These Mystery Dungeon will be unlike any other! Pokémon will now just pop out of nowhere, like Pokémon main series games. And to pass the dungeon, you'll have to warp using a legendary God Stone!

    Region Map

    Save the World

    Spoiler Alert!


    Collect the Legend Items to make your power equal to the mythical Arceus to end to curse on Hylia! During your journey, you will discover Dialga's secret Time Gears, collect Arceus' plates, explore the unknown Dream World, and collect the rare Human Items, such as the legendary Master Ball!



    The ancient Charizard Town.

    Mystery Dungeon - Charizard Mountains

    The dark Dusknoir Town.

    The legendary God Stone.

    The colorful Pikachu City.


    poccil - For his wonderful Pokémon Essentials kit.
    kyledove - Tiles
    venom12 - Some ov graphics.
    Please tell me if I forgot anyone!

    Help Wanted

    I need a scripter who would be able to create a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon quiz in Pokémon Essentials. Ask for more info.

    Playable Demos

    Pikachu Version - Beta Test the game.
    Coming Soon!