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Blobby McBlobberson Jr. III
AKA the stupidest name ever conceived.

A few days ago I was talking to m
y friend, and he said he needed someone to sprite for his game, so I told him I'd make the most amazing character he'd ever seen in his life, and the result was Blobby. Of course it was a joke, but a couple days later I decided to make a game about Blobby, and here it is!

The basic idea was to take the stupidest, most boring character (who I've actually grown quite attached to) ever conceived, give him an even stupider name, and then try to make the most unique game possible about him.


Being a platformer, I've done very little graphical work or level design so far, so in lieu of the 12 screenshot requirements, I made a video demonstrating all of the games currently finished features, and the one test level that I've made so far.

One day, while Blobby was out for a pleasant stroll, he met a young yellow blob, who was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but before he got a chance to talk to the young lady, the evil King Blob stole her away, jealous of Blobby's popularity and good looks. Knowing that she must surely be his soulmate, blobby rushes off to rescue her from the clutches of the evil King Blob.

The game isn't far enough along to mention anything about length, difficulty, or other finer details, but I can give you some info on the controls and powerups, etc.

First of all, Blobby has two main forms. Blob mode, and ball mode. Generally speaking, blob mode is for moving vertically more quickly, and ball mode is for moving horizontally.
  • Blob mode will have a double jump, wall jump, and is generally easier to control when fighting enemies. If you have an ice powerup you can slide more quickly when moving left or right, allowing you to move horizontally more easily in blob mode.
  • Ball mode moves very quickly left or right, and can jump over very large gaps. If you have an electric powerup, you can roll up walls, allowing you to move vertically more easily in ball mode.
There are four powerups: Fire, Ice, Electric, and Metal. Fire, Ice, and Electric leave a trail of their perspective element behind you when in ball form, and a small bit of it when you hit the ground in blob form. Enemies that touch this will be killed. Metal form is essentially a suit of armor. When you take a hit in metal form, you lose the powerup, but it kills the enemy that hit you, allowing you to continue unharmed.

To Do:


Add Ground Pound
Add Wall Jump*
Add Double Jump (Still Doesn’t Work Smoothly)
Add All Blobby Powerups

Add Wall Climbing For Electric Ball Mode*
Add Faster Ice Movement for Ice Blob Mode*
Add Rolling Up/Down Slopes
Finish Most Enemies
Hopefully at some point learn how to make better graphics.
Add Death Animation
Add Sound Effects
Add level restart on death, instead of just respawning.
Add Inventory System that allows you to freely change between elements, and shows how many of each element you have.
Add Lives


Tool Used:
Multimedia Fusion 2
(You should try it out if you haven't already. Easily the best game creation program I've used, and the Newgrounds version is free.)

If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post them here for me. Also, if you can make 8 or 16-bit music, and want to help out PM me, because that's the only thing that I can't do myself.
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