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    Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
    Nice Black and white box, I got a full holo Zekrom and Reshiram when I bought mine a while back. How many Professor Junipers did you get from that box and any rev holo trainers ?
    I only recieved one professor Juniper. Rev. trainers: potion, switch, energy retrieval, and plus power. I was hoping for at least one Samurott but No Bueno. I now have at least 6 Darmanitans lol. I am kind of surprised because I was expecting a more spread of pokemon but I recieved a ton of the same ones including like 12 timburr and 8 swoobat. I purchased these packs off ebay for $41.00 and they were actually the single packs. I am not sure if they are one of the first packs to come out because they did not include the PokemonTCG code card.