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    I totally forgot the locks and what they were and forgot to write them down. Hey Ratty, I'm glad I got you into sploder. That was the point of putting this here. There's a wide variety of Pokemon and other popular series-themed games on there, so most people like it. The mapping, etc. wasn't too complicated, as sploder includes 4 unique flash-based game makers that are simple to use. I actually got into it when I looked up "game maker" on google. Now finally, in levels 1/2/3 the reason for no enemies was because technically, you're not in their "guard zone" yet. The "guard zone" is just where they patrol. The complexity of the game is hard enough with the locks anyway. Any confusion as to why you got the invisibility bonus? Actually, it's built in and is activated when no enemies see you for a certain amount of time. There's only so much I can add to it

    Originally Posted by Ayutac View Post
    Okay, since you opened this thread I will assume you want to get feedback. So tell me, WHY do the "emenies" plan to attack TSAI? What proof is there? And who are they, anyway?

    I just tried it out, using difficulty 5 of 10 (the default) and deactivated the locks because I didn't want to bother. Why can I run to level 3 without encountering enemies? And what did I gained the stealth two times for?

    Also, since it seems rather advanced, I would be interested how much time you needed for everything (mapping and so on) and when you finished it :D
    Actually I made this like a year or so back and I just put it here for fun. It took about 2 hours to complete, so actually, it was kinda fun to replay it and realize what I would have done differently NOW. And from what I remember, you can't change the difficulty anyway.
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