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    Posted here as request of 1ninjadude1701.

    Originally Posted by 1ninjadude1701 View Post
    I say that you saw my game and wanted it to improve. I was just wondering what exactly do you think should improve? i know you give good critisism so i hope that you can give some or if you have time join the team. I know that maight be a little big but it's just me So i can't get much done. anyways hope you can help me.
    Your using a Gen1 character, but Gen3+ tiles...

    Try using one style, if you like the character you are using, change the tiles... If you like the tyles, change the character, that's a simple thing to do...

    try posting you pictures on your thread, it's more convenient! We like pictures

    The thing with a "destiny" of your character, is, they usually don't have one. Ash in the anime had a "destiny" to fill, within Pokémon 2000, that was about it, otherwise his "goal" was to reach the Pokémon League of all regions... Maybe your character would like to use that, for somewhere to start!

    You said your game will change depending on events, believe me, this is ALOT of work! I'm doing it haha and I've evented probably 10% of KANTO, so it gets very tidius! Have you got the skills and such to do this... No... You've already stated that you can map, but you can't event, so this may be a little to high end for you! Stick to what you know! Try the old, here's your Pokémon, there's the exit, kind of story! Events don't need to be special (make sure they are grammically right though), too many switches may leave you confused, if you create an in-game story, make sure it's small, it doesn't have to be big to be good, I.E Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, going through Silph Co.... Simple yet effective.

    For your thread itself, as I said before, add more pictures, even if it's of your main character, give them a bio, a name, age, etc.
    The story is a little synopsis, tells you what is going on within the region, you were almost there with what you put, but, you made it more along the lines of a walk-through.

    The idea about waking up early and receiving one of 3 Pokémon or getting up late and receiving Pikachu, keep this, nobody has done this (to my knowledge), it's a good idea... Well Done!
    Just make sure the in-game event can offer this as "you snooze, you lose" kind of feeling!

    The thing about being able to join either team, Earthquake or Hurricane (good choice of counter team names.), It's very much an unstable thing to create, It can go well to a certain point! Your game will crumble when you get there!

    State more features, this is what brings in the fans! If you don't have any uniqueness to bring to the table, that's okay, we don't expect you to do anything you cannot achieve... It's almost unlikely your game will be any bit the same as another.
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