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That dance is legitimately funny and the ED song is pretty catchy, too. Just, with JC Staff's perpetually-full plate, I just wonder how some of this stuff gets greenlit for an anime adaptation. Spreading risk around? I dunno.

It could have been much better if the source material was just inspiration rather than used like a storyboard to rigidly follow here. I'm not an expert on 4koma adaptations, but I don't think I've ever seen one where it literally felt like a series of panels one after another. It was just so lifeless.

I also watched Recorder to Randoseru, which I didn't realize was going to be broken into three minute episodes. Imagine my surprise when the end credits began playing at 2:30 into the show. It Since it's not full length, I'll have to go somewhere else for my seasonal dose of creepy awkward "THIS is the actual premise?" programming, so I guess I'll be picking the show up about the guy that lives with the three girls or whatever it is.