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    Well I can replace the trainers with the correct pallets like this but for some reason it freezes when I try to take a potion out of the PC. =S

    Edit: I figured out what I was doing wrong. I wasn't allowing enough room for the offsets because I forgot to copy the numbers.
    Double Edit: Even when I follow the directions exactly it messes up the pallet for the gentlemen.

    Originally Posted by cosmifox View Post
    people ulnz is so confusing just use NSE its so much better now they posted a new one you'll have to find the offsets for trainers and plug those in to the navigator to find the sprites it lets you edit them right there and you can edit pallets too. you dont have to import and export and all that $h!t
    How do you access the trainer sprites from NSE? I mean I know you can edit the mini sprites but what about the ones that you see at the beginning of the battle?

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