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    The only real issue with this tag is that the focal feels fairly out of place. But then again, one isn't really sure what would be in place, and because it was for a competition (although you did start it yourself) it does fit for the necessary theme. Colours blend well though, and the depth is unique and well pulled off.

    No other real issues with this one, although the clipping mask seemed an odd way to blend the focal. It's pretty much amazing!

    Woo, 2012! Pretty funky dude in this one, but the left of the piece seems to be feeling left out. Maybe spice it up a little with some of your fancy stocks or smudging? i totally have regained my gfx judging ability and i totally know the terminology, shuttup.
    The text is contrasted well with the focal, but it is a little off-putting trying to figure out what you wanted as the focal. Also the yellow splattery things winning at jargon are well placed and suit it well. Nice start to the year!

    I actually really like this one, and I don't know if it's just me. The simplicity of the piece altogether is appealing and really draws me in. the lighting and colours in the stock go together nicely while the skull thing on the other side complements it nicely. The only thing that slightly irks me is the fact that it's a skull, and it seems somewhat out of place.

    Otherwise, it's really eye catching and pleasant. Good work!

    This piece is also really cool. The contrasted colours of the stock are nicely juxtaposed with the background, and the pattern on the left also compliments it nicely. The grainy texture in this piece also compliments the weird and unusual-ness of the stock. The only issue with this one is that other than the crazy focal, it might strike some as a bit bland. Crazy, I know!

    Woo, first crit in a while! (b")b
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