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    Dear Journal,
    With it being the new year and everything, I decided to continue with my adventure through Unova.
    I left Wellspring Cave after some training for my Bulbasaur and Squirtle as they had a type advantage over the Roggenrola's that were living there.
    Some little girl that was with Bianca gave me some strange looking
    pokéballs then left.
    I continued south on Route 3 bumping into Cheren, he mentioned something about wild double
    Pokémon encounters in the darker grass.
    I battled all the remaining trainers on the Route then finally arrived at Nacrene City!
    Cheren immediately shown me to the
    PokéCenter which if he hadn't, I doubt I would have found.
    I headed to the
    Pokémon Museum after healing my Pokémon to battle the weird dude that I met back in Accumula Town, the mysterious trainer N.
    N then left mentioning something about the power of Zekrom which I didn't know anything about..
    Before entering the Museum, I decided to write in you.