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    Originally Posted by miakalina View Post

    Actually ranges are easier. Did you check all your info to make sure it was right when you put it in?
    Yep. I've done everything i can think of, but still nothing.
    I could try MetalKid's IV calculator if you think its more accurate,
    but i have no idea. In addition, awhile back when i first tried RNG'ing
    on my DS lite, it didn't come up with anything after 20 or so tries,
    so i gave up, now that we can RNG on 3ds i came back, worked first time,
    but nothing after that.

    Edit: I got it, didn't realize the date on my 3DS was different then that on my computer,
    so was putting in the wrong one. Thanks everyone, and Miakalina, I owe you one!