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Originally Posted by Jolteon* View Post
Can somebody help me out. I'm trying to RNG Reshiram for a Special Flawless spread. PPRNG tells me that i need to start at 2012/01/23 at 6:51:56. (since I use a 3ds I started at 6:51:48.) It also says my IV frame is 4 so I advance the frame by 3 with the chatter trick when i start. It doesnt work though. Can somebody tell me what i might be screwing up? (ALSO: The stats make it look as though i am hitting the first iv frame)
To advance IV frames you walk 128 with X number of Pokemon in your party.

For example: IV frame 4 = 128 steps with 3 Pokemon in your party.
Make sure the last step brings you in front of the Pokemon.