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Jared's Signatures!

(Shop Rules)
1. Fill out a form if you want a image
I won't accept any requests unless its filled out.

2. Fill out the Form on the THREAD
I don't want my private message inbox full so I would appreciate if you posted your form on the tread. Its also easier to keep track with if you post on my shop.

3. No Porno
This isn't an adult website so if you give me a picture that is showing a little too much it will not be accepted.

4. Don't Steal
Plagiarism is a big issue for me. If I find out that your stealing my work with out crediting me, I will delete the image and ban you from my shop immediately.

5. Don't complain
Don't start complaining about how "Oh my signature sux ballz" or "why that background?" or [insert bawwwing here]. I tried my best and can make minor edits to your image if you like.

6. Don't flame/Advertise/Spam/Troll here
This isn't a flame war thread and I want everyone to be treated with respect. Also, I don't want to see any "can you start a shop with me?" links. NOR would I like to see deca-posts. Obvious Trolls are Obvious, don't test me. I have good trolldars.

7. Please Standby
I are doing our best to make the best image for you, so don't leave us 5 posts asking "are you done?!" also be aware how many requests I can take. I don't mind reminders but, if you keep annoying me, I will keep ignoring you. And possibly even ban you from meh shop.

8. Use the image
Don't request and image and not use it!
You wasted my time and effort and I will ban you from the shop.

9. Use a Good Render
The bigger the better, don't give me a tiny image to work with. Do not give me a blurry render. If you want it to be a good signature, give me a good render.
Preferably you can find renders from: find the render you want to use and send me the image link in your request. Don't worry I have an account there, so you don't have to make one.

10. Limit Your Text
I don't have space to write out a whole paragraph. I can do one and two words and MAYBE 3, but thats about it. Remember, keep it short and sweet.

Nobody, let's keep it that way...

Request Forms

Signature Form
Image URL:
Signature Size(ex - 450x150):
Text: (Optional)
SubText: (Optional)
Text Font (Name or Download Link):
Which example do you want me to work from?:
Anything Extra?: (Optional)


To see ALL the signature work I've done check out My Photobucket Album



(I'm dumb and forgot how to.... yeah. Pretty embarrassing.)

More in the future...

Shop Status:
Computer issues, school, etc.

Signature Shop? I got one of those.