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It's that time of month again! I haven't been told off yet, so, without further ado (crossposted from deviantart and everywhere else):

Pocket Spriter #10: A Long Day's Journey Into Sprite! Back after a long hiatus!

Today is a very special day. The kind of day that only rolls around once a year. 49 years ago today, this planet was graced by the presence of one of the greatest men ever born. Ruggedly handsome, with peerless acting skills, he took hollywood by storm. They never saw him coming. He came to steal the Declaration of Independence, but he ended up stealing our hearts instead.

I am talking, of course, about Nicolas Cage.

There's also Pocket Spriter tonight I guess.

For those in the dark: Pocket Spriter is a spriting tutorial livestream, where Seika and Twitch (me!) talk for hours about pixels on a screen, and occasionally about other dumb stuff like homestuck or Nicolas Cage. We make total idiots of ourselves and laugh at our own jokes. Sometimes we take requests. It's really fun!

We decided to make today opposite day! So Twitch will take Seika's usual panels and vice versa. It might be really fun or it might be a huge mess! Who knows? I certainly don't!

Panels are as follows. Times are EST:

6:00 - Combat Tips - Hosted by Seika
Fighting-types: confusing! Diverse! Under-represented! In this panel, Seika tackles the roughest, toughest type!

6:45 - Sprite Critique - Hosted by Seika
An old favorite panel, and one that requires audience participation! Users will submit their sprites for Seika to take a gander at and edit them to tell you what you could do better.

7:30 - It's All Greek To Me - Hosted by Twitch
Mythology is a great way to get inspiration for cool, creative Fakemon! Twitch will take user suggestions and make a fakemon up on the spot, just for you.

8:15 - Digitaru Monsutaa - Hosted by Twitch
Wait, I thought this was a Pokemon livestream?! Twitch sprites some digimon, in Digimon World Dusk/Dawn-style.

9:00 - Hieros Gamos - Hosted by Twitch
In true Opposite Day fashion, Twitch sprites some wacky monsters for Seika's game, Hieros Gamos! They all look very cool.

9:45 - Happy Hour - Hosted by Seika
In which we all get drunk and party. That, or sit around talking at our computers like dorks, and maybe play a multiplayer online game with our audience.

Come for ten minutes or come for ten hours; for as long as you can stop by, we'd love to see you! Heck, you might get a free request out of it, even! Again, the link to the stream is here: You don't need to register or anything! Just stop by and comment creepily about how nice our voices sound. If you have skype, you can even join in! It is all going to be really fun.

That's all. Also Gavin (Abnegation) will probably be there, at least for the beginning, so you can ask him things about tiles and stuff.