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Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
Oh. My. God.
That was pretty freaking epic. I can't wait for this game to come out! It's gonna be awesome to see the TWEWY characters, and Aqua, Terra, and Ven.
. . . This is so awesome . . . I just want to know what they plan to do, if anything, after the Xehanort saga. That would suck if KH III was the end of KH. :C Mostly just because I need more KH, lol.

I got a PSP and Birth By Sleep for Christmas, so . . . yeah, epic~

If you could play as any KH villain (or, in some cases, allies), who would it be?

Hm . . . well, you can play as Org. XIII people in 358/2 Days, but I only got to play that while my sister borrowed it from a friend, so I didn't get that chance.
Well, seeing as you can play as Org. XIII, even if it is just in multiplayer mode, I'll just say Vanitas.

. . . Hmph, now I'm tempted to add Dream Eaters to the Kingdom Hearts role-play that I'm making. That could be fun . . . :3