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    Finally I have a playable demo for all of you to enjoy (or hate)! I am not going to post the following link on the first post until someone verifies that they can play the game correctly:

    This demo includes:
    - About 10 areas you can explore, Going up from Alpha City to Delta Village and Route 4.
    - Working Sprinkler encounter system, as mentioned earlier
    - 1 potential gym leader battle.
    -at least 50 custom-made battle animations
    - not a single, awful midi in sight.

    Known issues:
    - During the introduction, when the player is choosing a starter, the player character tends to change position. This should not cause the game to crash, however, as all events can pass through him/her
    -Lotad and all of its evolutionary lines do not have devamped back-sprites, despite being obtainable.
    -Not all fakemon have their cries, and not all of them have their sprites, either. This may become noticeable later in the game.
    - The Pokepad (aka Pokegear) is not yet customized
    - All trainers will ask you to register them in your Pokepad, despite not being intended to do so. You can if you want, but it won't really matter since you cannot rematch any trainer in this demo.
    - Not all buildings are accessible, primarily with Alpha City.
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