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    Penance Malum

    Just when Penance was ready to move again a Scrafty appeared out of nowhere and started attacking Vigil. Unlike Penance, Vigil was able to act fast and began fighting the foe. Penance had readied a water pulse to fire but Vigil wanted a one-on-one fight with the Scrafty. The two warriors traded blow after blow as all Penance could do was watch. He still had his water pulse ready just in case any other enemies decided to join in the brawl when the Scrafty blurted out that he was part of the Gold Tribe and was named Hoodhide. Penance for the most part was confused. Vigil, Calamity, and himself were wearing their Gold Tribe emblems, how could the Scrafty not know any better?

    In any case the Scrafty seemed to be pretty embarresed about the whole odeal. At first Penance thought that Vigil would be at least a little mad about the rash actions of Hoodhide but instead he forgave their brother and even told him of their quest. Hoodhide left after that, apparently he was protecting a village and needed to inform them that he would be leaving. Penance followed after Vigil and busied himself by thinking about how quickly Vigil had acted. Vigil had been ready right at the start, if Penance had been the one attacked he would have been taken completely by suprise. Just thinking about how he would have acted caused Penance to start rubbing his bracelet slowly, letting a little of the luck flow out.

    As the group walked along the path Hoodhide appeared again, this time being more friendly. The Scrafty eagerly informed them that it would soon rain and showed them his basket of berries. Penance's attention was caught on the fact that it would rain. Liberty Town hadn't gotten too much rain and it had been a long time since he had felt water against his skin. If they were stopping for the rain Penance rationalized he could take the time to enjoy the company of rain once again.