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    Retro-N 3 (NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES/SFC, I'm going to need a converter so that I play Famicom games)
    NES (Which doesn't work)
    Mega Drive/Genesis (I can't find things to hook it up)
    SNES (Haven't tried it yet...)
    Playstation (Which I don't use anymore)
    Nintendo 64 (Which is a tat, like NES, it randomly shuts off and turns back on a split second while in a middle of gameplay, or even when you turn it on. Happens to me when I was playing Mario Party 1 and 3, and Donkey Kong 64)
    Playstation 2
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Nintendo Wii

    Gameboy (which doesn't work)
    2 Gameboy Colors (Purple and Cyan)
    Gameboy Advance SP
    Nintendo DS Original
    Playstation Portable Original
    Nintendo DSi
    Playstation Portable Slim