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    Originally Posted by Karpi View Post
    Goodbye, Deadly Seven, you will all be missed! I hope there are decent replacements for their type of completely insane characters, though...
    Well, I have thought up a replacement... I just hope that the Fabulous Snowmen are as insane as I think they are.

    Originally Posted by DonMoosavi View Post
    Will it be made clear when the divisions in plot occur? Just so we can save multiple slots prior to branching events and then see what happens along both story paths?
    Yes. Let me clarify: each gang asks you to join in turn. Team Rocket ask you to join on the docks of Puerto Viajero; Bad Sofa ask you to join at the Beach Festival; the Voltmeisters ask you to join in the Voltaire Industrial District - and if you refuse to join any of them, you work for Prof. Ork. Basically, pay attention to what people are asking you and you'll be fine. Also, listen to the Voiceover Guy. Sometimes he asks you questions too - and they also alter the storyline.

    In summary, yes. It's easy to tell where the storyline forks in 99% of cases. There are a couple of ones that are hidden just because they do nasty things to you and I'm a jerk sometimes, but the major plot branches are easy to see coming.

    Originally Posted by Jcool View Post
    Looks pretty good so far. You are definitely making good use of the fr/lg tiles.
    Thanks. I always try as far as possible not to introduce new tiles; if I did, it would kind of undermine my argument about graphics. So I'm glad I'm doing all right with the FR/LG tiles.

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