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    Originally Posted by DarkShadow21 View Post
    The game looks pretty nice but with the mapping it looks a little strange because it looks like it has rmxp tiles, default pokemon tiles and kyledove's tiles all in the game. A word of advice try to make it all look like the same style. If you have to try making custom tiles there are a few tutorials on deviantart for making tiles.

    Was gonna say about the tiles, but you beat me... Other than that, game looks fine so far... Quick grammer mistake though, Pokemons in the main post, is still Pokemon my friend . (not really a problem)

    I like the design of the maps, besides tile clashing, good use of the Lighting effects... I like the Eevee Vs. Onix battle too, classic "Oh for god sake" start to a battle...

    I'd like to hear, well, see, more about the game itself though, pictures are great, but sometimes it's good to read! Well done! X