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Originally Posted by Vini310 View Post
The Pack is not complete. Missing the following things:
Tilesets and autotile Pokémon BW
Battle sprites of Pokémon Trainers BW
OverWorld OF HILDA (Attached to put you know what I mean).
There haven't been many autotiles ripped at the moment, there have been quite a few tilesets, try looking on DeviantArt.

Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
1. Not really easy to add at the moment, there are really few BW Tiles ripped so far.

2. I'll add that in the future.

3. Oops, my bad.I've just updated the pack to include her Overworld. Download link has been updated.
That's good. I was just wondering about that.

Also, it would be good if the battlers were animated.
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