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    Ignitus pulled herself off the ground, groaning from the effort it took. It had been going so well. The prisoners were confused, Gold Tribe was trying to do too many things at once, protecting themselves and trying to move the escapees to the forrest. It had been mayhem. How did it go wrong? She thought back, and remembered her attack. It had been perfect, blind the enemy, then attack them with devastating blows. It should have worked. She couldn't remember anything after that. Battle rage had kicked in and took over her. And when she awoke she was lying on the ground battered and bruised in a thorn bush.

    She carefully extricated herself from the bush, careful not to scratch herself on the sharp barbs. Even so, she still got plenty of scratches, and some of the thorns stuck in her fur. After unsticking herself, she checked herself over, making sure that there weren't any broken bones. As far as she could tell, she was fine. Just exhausted. The sky rumbled above her and sheets of cold rain fell from the sky, like teardrops of the gods. It darkened her mood as the water struck her body. She hated rain. And water in general. She remembered water in the battle. She chastised herself for her performance in the battle. She knew that Auron would not be pleased. He rarely was though, this would make him furious. They had kept one of the three generals of the Alpha Alliance in there, a very important prisoner. No, Auron would not be pleased.

    She looked around and saw Scar and Beserker standing on top of a hill talking. She sighed and trotted up to meet them. She was grumpy to say the least, and not happy to see them. If one or both of them had died, Ignitus might have been able to convince Auron that she had been outmatched, and that she was only lucky to escape. But they both survived the battle, and Ignitus would get no such excuse. Upon reaching the top of the hill, she took her paw and tried to brush the thorns out of her fur, somewhat succesful. Then she addressed the two other Sentinels. "We should leave. Now. Auron will be expecting a report." All three of them shuddered. They knew how Auron could get when he was displeased. Ignitus looked the other two over, and saw that none of them had done too well in the battle. Scar was covered in bruises and mud, as was Beserker. Beserker spoke next, "What should we do about the escaped prisoners?"

    "A big group like that should be easy enough to follow. They will trample plants underfoot, leaving a pretty clear path. I already sent one of the prison guards to follow them at a distance, and contact us when we know where they are going." Scar replied.

    All three of them then ran down the other side of the hill, back towards Silver City, where their leader was waiting.
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