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    Hello Jay.

    Overall, I really like the ideas you've presented. The synopsis and the bios of the characters are well-written. I feel that this idea has great potential.

    Now to answer your questions:
    Are you capable of making the Pokemon Sprites animated, much like Black and White?
    To a certain extent, it is possible. I have not tried it, but in Pokemon Essentials, you can make battlers animated. A tutorial on this is located here:
    Are you capable of installing Black and White tilesets?
    Depends on if a tileset is fully ripped, and whether they are arranged in RMXP's format. You can't really have the same 3D effects with RPG Maker as with the official games, keep in mind.
    Are you able to include many of the effects that the Gen IV-V games have harbored, such as weather and terrain?
    Weather and terrain are pretty much already implemented, depending on if you want to develop this game with Pokemon Essentials. It's even possible to add new terrain yourself.

    Ability and Move effects are another story, however. Not all of the effects are implemented. I was able to get some missing effects like Snow Warning and Sand Rush to work, though, since they are copies of other abilities.
    This link and this link will help you learn what effects are currently implemented in Essentials.
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