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1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow: Burmy - Seriously? I feel sad. At least I have a sense of fashion. /sarcasm
2. Your Pokemon Parents: Kakuna - My parents are lazy bums that just sit there and stare. Accurate enough.
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend: Snorunt - . . . Stop smiling.
4. Your Rival: Cherrim - Epic. I have a flower for a rival. A very "sunny" flower that hides when things look gloomy.
5. Your Best Friend: Voltorb - My best friend is a red and white spherical thing with anger management problems. Fun.
6. Your Pet: Swinub - Oh, that's not too bad. Just don't give me H1N1.


Let's see what happens when I do it again.

1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow:Larvesta - Oh yeah, you're jealous.
2. Your Pokemon Parents: Yamask - My mommy is a mummy. My dad hides behind a mask. Lovely.
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend: Poochyena - Oh you sly dog you.
4. Your Rival: Sawk - Fitting, I guess.
5. Your Best Friend: Kangaskhan - My best friend already gave birth . . . abstinence no longer holds meaning.
6. Your Pet: Trubbish - D'aww. As long as you can get past the smell and filth, that is.

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