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Only saw your comment now aquakip. It's not his hairstyle. It's one of these:

Originally Posted by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™ View Post
Very nice. I am a little bothered by the stone tiles offsetting with the building though. just looks really funky.
Ha you just helped me fix a bug. I was like "Huh? It's not offset" - checked the map file - fine - checked screenshot.... Oh....

I have 2 map files for the hometown, 1 was an older file format with some errors and the other was different file format with a new way to handle some layers- with fixed tile errors.
You made me notice I was loading the original file for the intro and not the newer file. Cheers man for that! I most likely would of never spotted that!

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