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    Kivir Sveenis

    Kivir followed the group after having his wounds somewhat tended to. Even thought he thought himself as a Gold Tribe member he didn’t feel comradeship with the other members as he hoped he would. ‘False hopes of a foolish mind,’ thought Kivir as he moved with the group of warriors. When the Bisharp was suddenly attacked he watched the duel with interest until the two realized they were on the same side. Listening to one of them say some sort of quote Kivir muttered to himself, “A warrior who makes too many mistakes is a warrior who dies for their cause. A warrior who trains one’s body and mind to make no mistakes is the warrior who will live to a great age. For one’s mistake becomes another’s opportunity.”

    When they trek through the forest was delayed by sudden weather, others sought cover from the rain, but Kivir found a nice rock to sit on that was not under cover. He wanted to enjoy the blessings of nature instead of hide from it like most of the others did. As the rain fell on him, he closed his eyes and began to meditate to clear his mind and reflect on what had happened over the past events.