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    Originally Posted by littlebrother View Post
    Ugh, this game is tedious for being so short. lol

    It's easy to get lost. There are simply too many doors and rooms that look alike! That makes it hard to find Pikachu, the special key pass, and the bed where you can recover since most of the closed door rooms are locked for you at the beginning of the game..

    I also found myself dying a couple times because Samus kept missing with her jump kicks.. And when she runs out of PP for Jump Kick, it takes a bit longer to defeat the R.O.B. if you don't have Ice Beam already..

    Also, Ridley can OHKO Samus with Flamethrower but has problems dealing with Pikachu somehow. I liked the end battle though because the music wasn't the generic R/S battle music.
    I just came back from a sleepover where I showed the game to my friend. She had a similar amount of trouble getting through. xD Well, considering it's short I didn't want to make it too easy.

    I know that you tend to die kind of often, which is why there are no penalties for losing (except for the inconvenience of being sent back to the room, which isn't too much of a consequence). As for the PP, yeah it might've been a good idea to include a few ethers in there...

    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    I found a bug.


    Right there on the pause menu.
    I'm confused; what exactly is the bug?

    Also, I know I didn't mess with the pause menu whatsoever, so it's probably just something that came with Essentials (and I'm reluctant to edit any of the scripts unless absolutely necessary).