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    13 minutes in, continuing my adventure.

    --Aquarius Inn.--
    Graphic glitch on trees in the Inn, top right/top left.
    --room 206--
    Room 206 white graphic when entering not transparent, minor note.
    I like how it's "xack's room" haha.
    Someone's PC accessed.. for amoment I thought I'd be able to hack other people's PC's.
    See ya on exiting Someone's PC
    Exit on exiting Xack's PC.
    Log off when leaving the PC menu,
    some logical menu option conflicts on that, I think.
    the tree graphic seems to have challenges with the textures below them, again in room 206.
    no interaction in kitchen area of my own room, sadface.
    Taking a nap: Xack's party was fully healed ! What party? I'm alone.. :o
    Alpha City: Aquarias Inn, I'm not sure ! should be on the end of "The Hub of Relaxation!". There's a lot of !'s from the large guy right by the sign too.
    Thoughts don't have sounds, the guy in the baseball cap to the left of aquarias inn has that in it's dialog.
    >sign north of aquarias inn, LANTIS COPORATIONS (should be singular?)
    music loop in city is better, has a fade out/restart. better to take that out, so it just flows ni background.
    Talking to man in black hat, top right of aquarias inn: "This building I'm standing next are Teleport Stations. They make travel around the Region easy as pie! ... Unfortunately, they aren't ready yet. I heard they'll be functional soon, though. Come back in a while."
    > With the usage of "This", there shouldn't be an "are" in same sentence of description.. or at least, double check grammar. I am not 100%.
    > Region I don't think should be capitalized in this context.

    House south of guy in hat has no interaction, but doesn't also doesn't let you in. You can stand on the door, though, as if you're about to teleport in.
    same with house below that.

    Maybe considering summarizing the trash searching to one line. Two clicks per trash can just to tell you nothing found, considering so many cans abundant, is a little .. long. XD

    first trash can I couldn't inspect.. Top left right near route 1 sign. that guy with glasses that stops you route 1 sure runs fast!. Professor flip uses odd english like 'ought, even though a professor.. a little funky.
    And you name is? <-- should be your
    Another ! craziness here or there on his sentence.

    The flow with the receptionist could be a little smoother, if after she asks if you're a student here, have her recognize, e.g., "I see, your class is X Y Z", instead of immediately going into the directions.

    trees with different tiles under.
    when Ron gives his introduction and says Near the Unova region, there's a bit of a typo. Sorry, I missed dialog before pressing C.

    Raising, and fighting with Pokemon <-- during lecture, that shouldn't have a comma there.

    During tutorial, showing the pokemon list, when you press c for next dialog, there's a glitch where you see behind the window, "Choose your pokemon". minor.

    from your BAG, and \n even SWITCH them from position to <-- there's a newline after the and.

    music fades out during tutorial gradually, and starts up again.
    Not sure @ Trainer-started being spelled proper.

    We weren't talking about the summary screen until it was brought up, maybe reword a bit. "Now let's talk about the SUMMARY screen we were talking about" <-- is dialog first time it's mentioned.

    "from it's trainer to its nature". it's nature

    Mr Boyton. Not a pedophile, at all!
    "and \n will let me know that you completed the assignment." Another newline after and.
    the conversation when the pokeballs are revealed is confusing, they stopped using AMBER: RON: pre dialog, and made it tough to figure out who's saying who. XD

    after you choose your pokemon, you get to name it, and it then confirms so you picked so.. yeah. I picked the water one, and called it Narwhal, but teacher called it balphin :<

    typo: Okay then, XACK, lest meet at the Trainer's Gym!

    left back to receptionist, it seems like to the right of receptionist you can walk, but no errors/messages, just stands there.

    and that's all for now. XD

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