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    Originally Posted by Xulek View Post
    Somari, what made you love the Phoenix Wright games so much?
    Let me answer that question with a question: is it possible NOT to like Ace Attorney?

    He's like a hero who can't fight. He's wimpy, a chicken, a coward, and easily frightened. But he has incredible mental strength. He fights for his friends before himself. And his belief in Maya and Edgeworth is just inspiring. Plus, his backstory is so deep and touching. And the way he never let losing his badge bring him down...!

    But I shouldn't rant about he alone. The characters are amazing, even Apollo, who kinda stole Phoenix's spotlight for a bit..., the music is the greatest stuff EVAR, and it doesn't make itself run by sticking in a bada** protagonist to fall in love with his closest friend, and it has hilarity around every corner while still pulling off a tragicomic mood.

    ... And all in a series about lawyers.

    ... Crap! I'm ranting again! Sorry about that...

    Anyway... Roswell, do you like birds?

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