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Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
Things are getting a bit spammy, so I'll start a new topic:
Which of the TM moves from the original games do you like/dislike the most? Would you like to see some of them make a comeback?
With me, I like that Double-Edge was a TM. I really would like it to make a comeback, so that way any physical-attacking Normal-type can get some very effective STAB. Also, how about Tri-Attack? Again, STAB on Normal-types, this time for those who use Special Attack.

Out of the ones that aren't currently available as TMs, I found many of those moves to be useless compared to what we have now, to be honest. Moves like double edge, tri attack, and counter still aren't bad moves, though.

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
Excited for the event!

Using counter competitively is still a sight for me to see. despite its usefulness and such, Counter is easily dismissed for priority attacks such as the new Bullet punch (especially on Life Orb Technician STABbed Scizor.)

Counter is especially effective when you teach it to certain pokemon, such as Wobbuffet, but I do agree that it's not much useful in a general sense.