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Originally Posted by sanshroo View Post
Right, but if the prize you were receiving was equally valuable, then surely the trade must go on, right?
I try to stay out of this but I guess I cannot
The trade cannot go on as there is no way a trader and collector like us can keep it. Think about it, if I am a collector and have a shiny Ho-Oh, you have a mewtwo, I want your mewtwo and you want my shiny Ho-Oh and I want to keep the shiny Ho-Oh but also trade it to get your mewtwo, what should I do? I have to clone it because there is no point in losing my shiny Ho-Oh just to have your Mewtwo. That is just not how collecting pokemon works. what you said may be true but it can only apply to those who only want to finish their pokedex, not collecting pokemons. I hope it makes sense to you.